We love Perl
web programming: Catalyst, Template Toolkit, mod_perl
DBIx::Class, DBI
POE: parallel programming, network programming
Moose: modern OOP
Well, anything on CPAN
SMPP experts: Kannel, SMPPbox, wrote software for routing, accounting and management
VOIP: freeswitch, asterisk, text-to-speech, IVRs, massive dial-out
We know the language: HTTP clients, servers, proxies, spiders, anything
Clientside programming: HTML, javascript, CSS, JQuery, Dojo, DOM, AJAX
Scalability issues: reverse proxy, load balancer, varnish, caching, memcached
Content management: Drupal experts – themes, modules, customizations, development
All together now
Network programming: Clients, servers for all kinds of protocols
Database: SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, replication
Video and audio streaming
Image manipulation
Crowd intelligence algorithms – data mining, automatic recommendations, etc
Equipment integration: broadcast equipment, projectors, measuring devices, etc
Our tools: subversion, request tracker, debian, apache
We’ve been around
While we use some technologies more often than others, in our past endeavors we enjoyed working with:
PHP, CakePHP, Smarty, Symfony
C, UNIX programming, Linux kernel hacking
Python, Django
Ruby, Rails
Java, Hibernate, Struts, Spring