You bring on the needs. We offer the solutions.
Got mentioned on Techcrunch or national TV? We’ll help you with the scalability issues. If not, we’ll help you design and build a scalable system from scratch.
In need for project management? We can translate your business needs into technical specifications. We will teach your team how to use proper development practices (right technologies, source control, deployment processes, bug tracking etc).
Architecture and code audit, profiling and optimization services to improve your existing projects.
System integration
You figured out the pieces, but do they work together? We’ll provide the glue: give you seamless control over components that were never meant to work together.
We can do the necessary research and development:
use a web service or software library
include third party software in a larger project
research various API’s and protocols, implement the needed clients or servers
control hardware equipments (via RS232, ethernet, etc)
Product development
Based on your functional requirements we’ll talk to you, understand your business, write the specs, make an estimation, implement and ship the finished product.
Whether you want to be the next online success story or need the proper software to run your business, we’ve got your back.
We are no stranger to sysadmin issues. We’ll make sure you have a solid setup. We won’t be the usual programmers that blame the sysadmins or the environment. We got it all covered. We’re deeply involved with various Linux & Open Source projects.