We are constantly working on new projects, and we are delivering dozens of working products each year. Some of our customers have been kind enough to allow their project listed here:
VOIP Dialer
Massive Automatic Dialer (tens of thousands of outgoing calls / day)
Dynamic IVR
Text to speech
Detailed reports and accounting
complex social platform: dream sharing, communication, content aggregation
integrates with many third party APIs (Oauth, FBConnect, Twitter etc)
image processing/aggregation
SMS Gateway
Routing, accounting, configuration, administration
Bulk SMS Campaign manager
Integrates a SMPP Server, but also provides webservices over HTTP
Customer management, billing, resellers
handles millions of messages / month with peaks of thousands/second
Expo Pavilion – system integration software
Alcorn McBride Video Binloop (Video Synchronization)
FogScreen Projection screens
Digital video projectors
Live, high-resolution video streaming
Information Kiosks
TV Broadcast – Advertising management
Manages commercial breaks for multiple TV Stations – video playlists generation and administration
Integrated with the broadcast / video streaming equipment