The migration from 35mm film to Digital Cinema can be a bumpy road. We are here to help. Moovs is a custom solution that helps cinemas earn more from automation and advertising, using old film projectors, while seamlessly migrating to digital cinema.
Current Status:
35mm film projectors
pros: standard, used by everyone, de facto for movie distributors, lower acquisition cost
cons: degradable support, require trained personnel, old technology, high cost and latency for 35mm film editing/production/duplication
digital cinema projectors
pros: high quality, 3D (Sony 4k), easier to operate, efficient content distribution, not degradable support, definitely the future standard
cons: content not always available, higher acquisition cost, emerging technology
The Challenge:
we still have to use the old 35mm film projectors, maybe for years to come
we are gradually pushed to digital cinema, in spite inertia
we have mixed content (movies, trailers, advertising) from various content distributors in various formats
cinemas and their personnel need to manage all these technologies simultaneously
running costs have to be kept at a minimum, combining all the technologies and formats
greatly increase the profits from advertising by moving away from advertising based on film (very expensive, degradable, time consuming) to advertising based on digital clips (standard, already produced, easy to copy and move around).
Our Approach:
keep the old 35mm projectors in place
gradually deploy new digital cinema projectors
handle all trailers and advertising digitally
use 35mm projectors for movies + cheaper standard HD digital projectors (Sony VPL) for advertising only when Sony 4k is not available
use our distributed solution for content playback and centralized management, working with the old 35mm projectors, the new Sony 4k digital projectors and the standard HD projectors for advertising (in any mix, depending on your setup).
Our Solution:
a central management interface for the entire setup
digital video playback servers for every HD projector (advertising, trailers)
directly controls any deployed Sony 4K digital projector
can be integrated with your specific setup (35mm projectors, Dolby Surround sound, lights, box-office software).
Software features:
Digital video playback servers (for each screen):
compatible with SONY VPL projectors.
can be synchronized with the corresponding 35mm film projector
audio output integrated with your existing system, can automatically switch audio source between 35mm and digital content
triggers advertising/trailers playback along with the 35mm film movie playback, the switch is not noticed by viewers
can perform various automation tasks (lights, doors, etc.).
Central control and administration server:
ingests video clips (advertising and trailers) in various formats (via HTTP or FTP)
manages the clip library
manages playlists for every movie
schedule management for all movies and screens (custom integration with your box-office software)
pushes the video content, playlists and schedules to the video playback servers
accessible via web or over a VPN connection
simple and accessible interface, easy to use by the cinema operators
remotely controls Sony 4k projectors: DCP ingest, content and playlist management, schedule management
users only need to concentrate on managing the higher level features (content, schedule, etc), all the integration is handled transparently.